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6th-Jul-2020 01:01 am - Semi-Friend only
This journal is Semi-friends only due to certain reasons, lol. More personal entries and downloads will be f-locked.
Things relating to Fandoms will most likely be public. XD

Feel free to add me though. :) If you want me to add you back then please comment, tell me about yourself, or something.
If we have the same interests then I'll most likely add you back~ It's always fun to meet people with similar interests. And even if we don't have the same interests, still tell me about yourself, meeting new people is always fun. ^_^
For a list of translations and lyrics I did click here

For a list of TCGs I'm in click here
13th-Dec-2015 02:57 am - List of Video Games
Well because I need some place to put it all. Here are a list of Video Games that I plan to play before I die XD It'll probably be updated a lot . There goes my life. LOL you can ignore this post~ If you know of any good games let me know =) I'm always looking for a good game to play~

List of games XDCollapse )


Artist: LM.C
Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen no Makyou Opening 2

Romaji LyricsCollapse )
Kanji LyricsCollapse )

So this is the 2nd opening for the second season of Nurarihyon no Mago. I admit that I haven't gotten this far yet, but I like LM.C and the kanji this time was easier for me to read XD So I figured why not. Since this song's romaji was really fast for me, I put the kanji lyrics in there too :) 
ryokura torn
NorthWind and SunShine 
Vocals: Camus (CV: Maeno Tomoaki) & Aijima Cecil (CV: Toriumi Kousuke)
Lyrics: RUCCA
Composition & Arrangement: Nakayama Masato (Elements Garden)

Romaji Lyric:
NorthWind and SunShine Romaji LyricsCollapse )

So I kind of like this song. It's a pretty fun catchy song. The meanings of the lyrics are nice too~ And because I still need to practice my Kanji I decided to do this song ^^ If there are any errors feel free to let me know

29th-Sep-2011 09:19 pm - Utapuri Audition CD Class A&S lyrics
Utapuri Audition CD Class A&S
So since I've been listening to a lot of Utapuri songs (there is surprisingly a lot. @_@)  I decided to do the lyrics. xD I am so not using this as an excuse to procrastinate on homework Both of these songs are catchy although I think my favorite out of the two is Mugen no Trinity~ (both of these are in the games and did not pop up in the Anime)
Eien no Tristar RomajiCollapse )

Mugen no TrinityCollapse )
Don't expect me to do English translations anytime soon I'm way to lazy atm xD
I'll do the Happy Love Song CD (Otoya & Tokiya) one next~ If there are any errors let me know ^^
12th-Mar-2011 04:47 am(no subject)
 Well got word from my brother and his roommate, he is safe from the earthquake. I was so relieved to hear this. Apparently Osaka wasn't affected as much. I just hope that I recieve word from my other friends in Japan. I hope they are safe. Hawaii did recieve some tsunamis triggered by the Japan earthquake, however fortunately nothing devastating hit O'ahu and the other islands. It was a first but I'm glad majority of the population here was able to get it together and was prepared (minus the idiots who snuck back into the danger zones after evacuating.) My heart really goes out to Japan and all the families/people who suffered. I will definitely pray for their safety and the lost of love ones. Also been stalking blogs/twitter/listsfor other confirmation of safety. Thankfully a lot of people have been reported safe. So far a lot of Actors/actresses/artists/seiyuus/mangakas/producers/nicosingers/idols have been confirmed to be alive. However, there are a lot more who haven't made any confirmation. I hope that people will continue to show support and help Japan through this hard time that they are facing.
Lol Hawaii is so late. It just turned the first right now. Hope everyone is starting off their year good though :D

Overall this year was really good I suppose. Graduated from HS, finished a semester at college (and passed xD) as well as got to experience new things. I hope that the next year will be just as fun/interesting.
Also Starry Sky :D So glad they made it into an anime. Makes me want to play the games again. Lol When I have time though. :x Golden Sun for the NDS is taking up so much of my time. The other day as well I ended up playing Absolute Obedience and Ore no Shita de Agake >> OTL I still can't believe that I did play it....beat both of them as well...

And hopefully I can catch up will all of my animes, dramas, and games this year. I'm so behind due to college OTL

The next thing to look forward to is the new Beelzebub Anime♥ Airs on the 9th in Japan xD So looking forward to it~
This week's Oricon top 20 XD

1. Yoku Asobi Yoku Manabe  - NYC
2.Gee - Generation Girls
3.One Day - The ROOTLESS
4. Uchuu hikoushi e no Tegami/Motorcycle - Bump of Chicken
5.Down Town/Yasashi Tsutsumareta - Sakamoto Maaya
6.Dear Snow - Arashi
7.irony - ClariS
8. MOON SIGNAL - Sphere
9. Otobai to kawa Jumper to Kare - The Cro-Magnons
10. Niji iro- Hikawa Kiyoshi
11. I Wish For You - EXILE
12.Kimi dake kurasu Machi - Shimizu Shota
13.Aishiteru/Aishite wa Ikenai hito - Gou Hiromi
14.Heavy Rotation - AKB48
15. future gazer - fripSide
16.Koi wa mizu iro - Yukana
17. Itsuka mita yume wo/Kanojo wa kaimono no kaerimichi - Elephant Kashimashi
18. Loop-the-loop - KOTOKO
19. Genie - Girls Generation
20. Kokoro - Maikay

haha overall the fact that NYC is number one is <3. That and there was a lot more anime related songs on the list. xD Arashi is hanging in there too~.
I had time to spare :x So some have been uploaded. Only MU since it's faster for me than MF. I highly recommend NYC, The ROOTLESS, Arashi, and Bump of Chicken~
Also Japanese bands have interesting names Elephant Kashimashi? That's why I love Oricon <3 It introduces you to new bands I think~
20th-Oct-2010 08:37 pm - Oricon Weekly Single Top 20
 Just a random thing~ I was procrastinating on homework. OTL So here is the Oricon Weekly Single Top 20 (10/4-10/10) if anyone wants. 

1. Dear Snow - Arashi
2. I wish for you - EXILE
3. Scandal nanka tobase - SCANDAL
4. Mata Kimi Ni Bangou Wo Kikenakatta - Golden Bomber
5. Motto Tsuyoku - EXILE
6. L - Hamasaki Ayumi
7. Kimi ni Todoke - flumpool
8. Heavy Rotation - AKB48
9. Watashi no Miryoku/ Love 2 Paradise - The Possible
10. Lφve Rainbow - Arashi
11. Onaji Jikyu De Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama - S/mileage
12. LOL! - Kuroki Meisa
13. Nijiiro Bayon - Hikawa Kiyoshi
14. Genie - Girls Generation
15. crossroad - Hamasaki Ayumi
16. Suki de, Suki de, Suki de. /Anata dake ga - Koda Kumi
17. cosmetic - SID
18. Mou Nanimo Kowakunai, Kowaku wa nai - Ishikawa Chiaki (OMG an anime song lol)
19. Himawari to Hoshikuza / Kitto Wasurenai - Tokyo Girls Style
20. Mai Kaze - Yoshioka Aika

Overall Arashi being in there twice <3 And interestingly enough both Hamasaki and Exile got in there twice too. A bit surprised to see SID in there though lol. xD Later on...maybe I'll update it with mp3 links...maybe. Still have to love Kuroki's title for her song, LOL! Maybe I should do this every week...just to do something, other than homework XD
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